Why Tuxtel?

Tuxtel is the name of our company and is a sister company to Always Linux, a Sheffield-based company established in the year 2000 offering IT products and solutions based around the open source Linux operating system.

Linux has steadily evolved and matured over the years to a point where it is now a commercially viable entity capable of being able to provide cutting-edge telephony and telecoms solutions.

Tuxtel evolved as part of the natural progression of Linux, and we fully expect the company to grow from strength to strength as Linux gains wider spread credibility, and as industry increasingly adopts the operating system for business critical processes.

Tux is the affectionate name given to the penguin mascot used in association with anything Linux, and for this reason, we thought that Tuxtel would be a rather appropriate name for a telecoms provider whose solutions are delivered for the most part using Linux server technology.